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Our History

Our Story
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where it all began

Camp Pinnacle was founded in 1898 as the "Young Women's Bible Training Movement." Founder Harriet Christie had a desire to help young women lift up the name of Jesus Christ, to develop Christian character, and to give them a happy and wholesome vacation. She asked the young girls in her Sunday School class if they would like a place to get away during the summer. So was born the first summer camp in America founded exclusively for girls, providing recreational and spiritual challenges for young women as far away as New York City. By 1909, the camp was serving 800 summer campers!

From that small beginning grew a missionary training organization that sent missionaries all over the world called the Albany Bible Institute, a beautiful retreat center located on 880 acres, and a summer camp that offers exciting programs for both girls and boys.


The history of the Albany Bible Institute is inarguably intertwined with the history of Camp Pinnacle. After the death of her husband in 1896, Mrs. Harriet Christie was left a young widow without children. The following summer, she visited her Sunday school teacher in the suburbs of Chicago.

One evening while sitting on the porch, Harriett said to her friend, “Do you suppose I could ever do anything to help girls who are worse off than I am?” Her friend did not say, “No you’re young,” or “No, you haven’t had the experience,” or “You are not well enough,” but she said with assurance, “Yes, of course you could!” And there the seed for camp and the Albany Bible Institute was planted. ...

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Edna Gordon

"Down through the years Camp Pinnacle has been known for its natural beauty, its wonderful stress on God-honoring music and excellent Bible study from conscientious Bible scholars."



Historic Documents
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In 1998 the book "Patchwork" was completed, recounting 100 years of rich Camp Pinnacle history. Many people participated in the important work of compiling the testimonials and historical facts written in the inspiring book. 

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A recount of the early days of Camp Pinnacle's history and ministry, as told by Miss Lucy Elizabeth Jones in 1947. Much of "The Long Road to Camp Pinnacle" is quoted and included in the book, "Patchwork, Camp Pinnacle's 100 Years of Ministry."  


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1917-1918 Young Women’s Bible Training Movement Bible School brochure, outlining the school’s purpose, basis of teaching, course schedule, faculty, and other important information.

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An excerpt (chapters 1 and 2) from Ann Warris’s autobiography, “Foretaste of Glory” printed in 1979. Ann’s life of ministry was significantly influenced by her experience at Camp Pinnacle in the early days of its ministry. 

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July 1925 – A newsletter from the “Young Women’s Bible Training Movement” (the title used to encompass the ministry of both Camp Pinnacle and the Albany Bible Institute) written by the founding women. An inspirational read, revealing the ever-present need for God’s help as we work to bring Him glory in all that we do. Some things truly never change.


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“How a Bible School Grew Out of a Girl’s Camp” - An early recount of the history of Camp Pinnacle, an outpouring of the founding women’s hearts and desires for the ministry, descriptions of the needs and prayer requests of the time, reports of answered prayer, a list of graduates, historic photographs, and a challenge to faith.

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1930-1931 Course catalogue for the Y.W.B.T.M with an outline of the mission purpose, history, curriculum description and basis of teaching.

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An informational guide to the Albany Bible Institute from around the year 1990. A full outline of the history of the school, its purpose, affiliation, doctrinal statement, administration, location and facilities, financial information, and a course list. 



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