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summer camp positions

Looking for a Christ-centered job this summer? Camp Pinnacle has a position for you! Join us for an unforgettable summer in the mountains of Upstate NY, working for the glory of God to share the love of Jesus with over 600 campers.

June 23 - August 10

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"Working at Camp pinnacle has been one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had. It is a great place. You are constantly in nature, you learn cool new skills, it’s lots of fun and you are surrounded by people who love Jesus."


"Through camp God has grown my faith, blessed me with amazing friendships, and shown me what it looks like to genuinely show His love to other people. The experiences that I’ve had here, though challenging at times, are ones that I will never forget and believe God used to make me more into the person that he made me to be." 


"Working at Camp Pinnacle and being able to share the word of God to kids who don’t believe is amazing. Then Watching them at the dedication fire taking that leap of faith and giving it all to God is a game changer and will bring tears of joy to your eyes. Only way to experience this is to join."


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