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All Camp Blitz

Campers love our hand-made foosball court. Living out one of our favorite child hood games is so much and bring a whole new meaning to the game. It's a great way to get cabins to work together as a team. 

life size foosball


Bumper ball wars

One of our campers favorite activities is our bumper ball competitions. We promise it's safe and campers race as they avoid getting bumped as they bump others going from one end to the other.

This all cabin game is a very creative take on the board game Clue. Each cabin is a team and who ever can figure out the suspect, weapon, and room where the murder occurred, will get cabin points. 

life size Clue


The Pinnacle Game show is packed full of Minute-to-Win-it style games giving many opportunities for campers to win cabin points. Some games are All Cabin games and some are individual games.

Pinnacle Game show

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