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Summer staff

Our staff is a team and every person is essential to our mission of loving kids to Christ. Regardless of position, the focus is the same. Everything we do is directed at the heart of our ministry…our campers. Every person and position on our team is vital… and there is a place for you!

Volunteer opportunities

You can use your talents for anything from housekeeping, food service and grounds care, to repairs, maintenance, office, construction and instructor positions. We welcome church, youth and family groups to join us in our mission to make camp beautiful and useful for the retreats and camps that visit Pinnacle each year to meet with God and find rest and adventure. 


Experience life change

We believe in the richness of community life and service to others in Christ's kingdom! It helps all of us mature and gives a great sense of satisfaction and purpose to partner with Christ for the sake of the world He loves. Click above to find out more and apply for Summer Employment or one of our Volunteer options.

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