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Summer Staff


Summers at camp pinnacle

Are you or is someone you know a college-aged, fun, and adventurous person looking to make a difference in the lives of youth? If so, we have the perfect life-changing and rewarding experience for you! Apply Online Now! to be a Camp Pinnacle Summer Counselor or Junior Counselor! This will be a summer you will never forget, where you will get to make life-long friends, impact youths’ lives, and live in almost 880 acres of God’s creation! If you have any questions about becoming part of our Summer Staff. please contact Domenic Cecconie

Summer Camp Job opportunities:

  1. Maintenance: 16 years or older

  2. Lifeguards 16 years or older

  3. Kitchen: 16 years or older 

  4. Junior Counselor: 17 years or older

  5. Counselor: 17 years or older

  6. Lead counselor: 18 years or older

What is a junior counselor?

Being a Junior Counselor is an opportunity open to those who have just graduated from High School or ages 17 or older. As a Junior Counselor, you will be working with a Counselor throughout the camp day while with your campers. There will also be ongoing training and bonding times throughout the week with the other Junior Counselors. Most responsibilities and duties that our Counselors have are also given to our Junior Counselors. This is a great way to give a taste of what a summer will be like as a Counselor, with the opportunity of a slightly lesser time commitment throughout the summer.


This position is compensated and you receive full room and board. If you have any more questions in regard to the Junior Counselor program, contact Brian Powell

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