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Volunteer opportunities


Come volunteer!

We believe in the richness of community life and service to others in Christ's kingdom! You can use your talents for anything from housekeeping, food service and grounds care, to repairs, maintenance, office, construction and instructor positions. Some volunteer tasks are year round and some are seasonal. We have individual and group opportunities available.

Volunteering can be exchanged for camp scholarships. If you are interested, please see the application for details.


Volunteer projects

  • White Birch boys bath house plumbing

  • Paint the cabins at Pine Ridge

  • Finish painting The Tab

  • Paint Christie Gardens Complex

  • Paint exterior of Bessie Wood Lounge

  • Renovate family cabins - underway!

  • Roofing for 5 cabins

  • Roof repairs Snack Shop & WB Field House 

  • Gutters

  • Building Maintenance - general repairs

  • Horse Fencing and Barn Renovations

  • Vehicle and Equipment Repairs

Click here to contact us about a project on the list


The Tab is being painted and looks amazing!

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