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Pinnacle Paintball
Where you don’t just watch the action... You ARE the ACTION!

Camp Pinnacle has some of the best Paintball courses in Albany and the Capital District of NY. Come experience our sniper towers, castles, wood forts and more. Great open woods and natural terrain. Over 20 acres of developed fields and courses, with 880 acres there is no limit to what we can do! We are part of the fastest growing action sport in the country. Try some of our Christian Paintball scenario games. Bring your youth group or paintball team for a great paintball experience. Learn Christian truth in an action packed paintball encounter. We are right here in the Helderberg Mountains of Albany County New York.

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Youth Groups and Teams welcome.

Best Paintball in Albany, NY
Experience some of the most cutting edge paintball Scenario games, 3-Man Tournaments, Xball, Speedball and Woodsball on some of the finest paintball fields and courses. Your team will have a blast!

Our true Woodsball fields give the feel of truly being in the wilds. Play realistic paintball scenarios in our many forts and bunkers. Use your team to capture a real military radar post. Come play 3 Man Tournaments, Speedball and Xball on our beautiful mountaintop. Even bring your Christian Youth Group and use paintball scenarios to teach Christian truths. Experience “Onward Christian Soldiers!” by being the action! There is no place better to play paintball in Albany or anywhere else. Teach leadership skills by making your group into a real team for the Lord.

We are real close, just 20 minutes from Albany NY. Click here for directions to upstate New York’s best Christian paintball camp and fields around. Whether beginner or advanced in your paintball experience we are the place for you. Bring your own gun/marker or rent one of our 30 high quality professional BT Rental guns. We also carry all the quality paint that you will need. All this, at some of the best paintball prices around! Even our Summer Paintball Camp is only half the cost of other comparable Paintball Camps with twice the action!
Paintball teams 3 man tournaments, scenario, ChristianEquipment:

Camp Pinnacle carries all quality paintball equipment. Tipman and BT marker gun rentals, Vents masks and top grade paint. Great equipment at the best price: field admission is only $15 and rental packages for everything are only $30. We have it all! Come with your own markers and masks or use ours to enjoys the best Paintball in Albany, NY. Do it all..Xball,3 man tournaments, teams, Woodsball, scenarios, speedball on the best fields and courses!

Paintball Camp
Pinnacle Paintball Camp is the place to be this summer. Our experienced coaches will help you improve your game, all levels welcome. One full week of action-packed training. Learn to rebuild your marker and maintain your equipment. Clinic on marker and air tech; Speedball, scenario, woods ball, Xball, tactics and overnight camping mission scenario and more - all in a dynamic Christian setting.

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Paintball Camp, Paintball Fields, 3 man Tournaments and TeamsPaintball teams 3 man tournaments, scenario, Christian

Xball Scenario Woodsball fields and courses all in Albany NY
Birthday Parties, Christian Youth Groups, Corporate events, Bachelor Parties and more!

All at Camp Pinnacle’s great Paintball fields in Albany NY-
3 man tournaments, scenarios, speedball, Woodsball, Xball,parties & more!